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9:02 PM- EagleofMasyaf9102 has logged in.
9:03 PM- Jerusalem_Rafiq has logged in.

EagleofMasyaf9102: greetings, Malik.
Jerusalem_Rafiq: sup n00b
EagleofMasyaf9102: i didn't know u had internet there
Jerusalem_Rafiq: Ya Damascus_Rafiq2 set it up for me. It's in the incense burner.
EagleofMasyaf9102: sweet.

9:05 PM- AppleLover24 has logged in.

AppleLover24: whut r u 2 novices doing online?!
EagleofMasyaf9102: discussing important mission details, master.
Jerusalem_Rafiq: what r YOU doing online, master?
AppleLover24: checking facebook.
Jerusalem_Rafiq: o_0
EagleofMasyaf9102: lol
AppleLover24: well if u 2 r busy i guess i'll go
EagleofMasyaf9102: k, by master.

9:07 PM- AppleLover24 has logged out.

EagleofMasyaf9102: so how's Jerusalem?
Jerusalem_Rafiq: s'okay. Traffic's been awful though.
EagleofMasyaf9102: that must suck.
Jerusalem_Rafiq: yeah. How's Damascus?
EagleofMasyaf9102: awesomesauce. Did u know the rafiq here was a hacker? His stuff is amazing.
Jerusalem_Rafiq: dat drugdealer's gonna get caught one day.

9:10 PM- SexyItalian78 has logged in.

SexyItalian78: sup ladies <3
EagleofMasyaf9102: what's with the username Ezio?
SexyItalian78: u don't like it? :(
Jerusalem_Rafiq: novice :P
SexyItalian78: omg the internet here is so crappy.
EagleofMasyaf9102: where r u?
SexyItalian78: Leo's place. His router's broken though so we're using his neighbors.
Jerusalem_Rafiq: so basically ur stealing ur neighbor's internet?
SexyItalian78: nothing is true. Everything is permitted.

9:14 PM- Codex_Lover;) has logged in

SexyItalian78: yo Leo!
Codex_Lover;): hello all.
EagleofMasyaf9102: wait i thought Ezio said u didn't have internet.
Codex_Lover;): my laptop has wifi ;)
Jerusalem_Rafiq: nice. Mac or PC?
Codex_Lover;): PC ya'll
SexyItalian78: don't u think it'd be a little contradictory if we used Macs?
EagleofMasyaf9102: how so?
Sexyitalian78: i meant with teh apple of eden and evrything
Jerusalem_Rafiq: ya i guess so

9:17 PM- AnimusVictim17 has logged in.

AnimusVictim17: wow ur lag is really bad
SexyItalian78: im using stolen internet
AnimusVictim17: so ur breaking the law?
SexyItalian78: not really.
Jerusalem_Rafiq: its the internet dude no one cares
AnimusVictim17: do u guys know if Lucy's been online recently?
EagleofMasyaf9102: no y?
AnimusVictim17: just wondering cuz she's been on her computer a lot. I think she's playing online.

9:19 PM- UnappreciatedBrit has logged in.

AnimusVictim17: hi shaun
UnappreciatedBrit: wtf desmond why can't I ever get away from u
EagleofMasyaf9102: u guys know each other?
Codex_Lover;): HOW EXCITING :D
AnimusVictim17: Shaun and i work together :3
UnappreciatedBrit: he's even more annoying there. He doesn't shut up.
Jerusalem_Rafiq: I know the feeling.
EagleofMasyaf9102: >:(
SexyItalian78: yo Alty I has a ? about the codex.
EagleofMasyaf9102: yeah wut
Jerusalem_Rafiq: this is a casual chatroom, thank u very much. We're not discussing work here.
SexyItalian78: but it's really important!! :O
Jerusalem_Rafiq: shut up novice! XO
Codex_Lover;): dont worry Ezio prolly I can answer for u. :)
SexyItalian78: good so u know the page with the picture of the lady on it?
Codex_Lover;): yea
EagleofMasyaf9102: i don't like where this is going.

9:24 PM- ProphetMan99 has logged in.

ProphetMan99: this chatroom is really full
SexyItalian78: RODRIGO!!!!!! XO
ProphetMan99: sup auditore ;)
EagleofMasyaf9102: this is strictly an Assassin chatroom!
AnimusVictim17: NO TEMPLARS ALLOWED! >:O
ProphetMan99: 0_o
SexyItalian78: naw guys its cool. I told Rodrigo he could come.
UnappreciatedBrit: whut? Why?!
SexyItalian78: cuz he makes really funny emoticons :D
ProphetMan99: -_OuO_- lol it's a shrug.
Codex_Lover;): OMFG!
AnimusVictim17: woah that is cool
ProphetMan99: =@_@=
SexyItalian78: LMAO1!1!!!11
ProphetMan99 has been ejected from chatroom
Codex_Lover;): omg why did u do that?!
Jerusalem_Rafiq: he was a templar!
EagleofMasyaf9102: assassins these days -_-

9:20 PM- PrettyThief21 has logged in.

SexyItalian78: Rosa! <3
PrettyThief21: lol guys i stole Antonio's wifi
SexyItalian78: that's cool i'm stealing Leonardo's neighbors.
PrettyThief21: awesome.
AnimusVictim17: lmao hi rosa.
PrettyTheif21: how r u guys?
UnappreciatedBrit: we're okay except Desmond and I r using the same computer.
EagleofMasyaf9102: so ur like, using two different tabs?
AnimusVictim17: yea. So I can read all Shaun's email >:P
UnappreciatedBrit: but he doesn't.
SexyItalian78: omfg shaun whut kinda dirty email do u have anyway
UnappreciatedBrit: that is so uncalled for.
AnimusVictim17: no rlly Ezio, he doensn't have anything dirty.
UnappreciatedBrit: thank you Desmond.
AnimusVictim17: except for that one emai

9:25 PM- AnimusVictim17 has logged out.

Codex_Lover;): NO DESMOND COME BACK!!!!! X'O
EagleofMasyaf9102: …0_o
Jerusalem_Rafiq: not suspicious at all.
PrettyTheif21: So Ezio u's at Leo's place?
SexyItalian78: yea why?
PrettyTheif21: wanna come over later?? =^u^=
UnappreciatedBrit: wow it's a good thing I kicked Desmond off or he'd be gagging right now.
EagleofMasyaf9102: ew.
SexyItalian78: u know i do baby!
UnappreciatedBrit: no I didn't! it was
UnappreciatedBrit has been ejected from chatroom.
EagleofMasyaf9102: omfg how did u do that?!
Codex_Lover;): he was being mean :(
Jerusalem_Rafiq: ur a hacker Leonardo?!
SexyItalian78: gasp
PrettyTheif21: gasp
EagleofMasyaf9102: gasp
Codex_Lover;): in my spare time u know. ^^;
SexyItalian78: so that's whut ur always busy doing…
Codex_Lover;): that and facebook.
PrettyTheif21: omg ur on facebook??
Codex_Lover;): of course.
PrettyTheif21: I'm sending u a friend request.
Codex_Lover;): cool ;3 I'll go check it.

9:39 PM- Codex_Lover;) has logged out.
9:40 PM- European_Beauty1 has logged in.

European_Beauty1: hey honey <3
EagleofMasyaf9102: ='.'=
PrettyTheif21: yo maria sup?
European_Beauty1: been out swordfighting lol screwing templars is so much fun.
Jerusalem_Rafiq: -_-''
SexyItalian78: omg Alty is this ur girlfriend???
EagleofMasyaf9102: is that a problem?
SexyItalian78: not really.
European_Beauty1: is this that kid u were talking about sweetie?
EagleofMasyaf9102: yea but don't worry he's housetrained.
Jerusalem_Rafiq: I don't need to see this.
SexyItalian78: yuk.
PrettyTheif21: I think i know whut Desmond felt like a few minutes ago…
EagleofMasyaf9102: u wanna go somewhere more private baby? My decednats aren't too happy with u.
European_Beauty1: lol sure.

9:45 PM- EagleofMasyaf9102 has logged out.
9:45 PM- European_Beauty1 has logged out.

SexyItalian78: yuk yuk yuk bad mental images yuk.
Jerusalem_Rafiq: im sure with u they're not that hard to conjure.
PrettyTheif21: omg Malik if u be dissing my boyfriend in any way…

9:46 PM- Codex_Lover;) has logged in.

Codex_Lover;): k Rosa I accepted ur request. =^u^=
PrettyTheif21: SWEET
SexyItalian78: 0_o Leo r u movin in on my girl?
Codex_Lover;): wut no im gay u retard.
Jerusalem_Rafiq: brb Kadar needs my help with his algebra again.
SexyItalian78: yo isn't his brother dead?

9:49 PM- BlueEyedAssassin has logged in.

BlueEyedAssassin: lol guys i just pranked malik.
SexyItalian78: if only Altair were here tosee u now.
BlueEyedAssassin: I told him I needed help with algebra and then locked him in the basement lol.
Codex_Lover;): …so there's no algebra…? :'(
SexyItalian78: rofl
PrettyTheif21: kadar how old r u?
BlueEyedAssassin: dont u think thats a bit personal?
SexyItalian78: dont worry dude she's my girlfriend anyway.
BlueEyedAssassin: 5.
PrettyThief21: WUT?!
SexyItalian78: omg lol whut?
Codex_Lover;): HOW EXCITING :D
BlueEyedAssassin: no just kidding lol.
SexyItalian78: WTFROFL!!! 1!!!
Codex_Lover;): so r u rlly studying algebra?
BlueEyedAssassin: yeah high school sux but Malik is relly good at it.

9:59 PM- AnimusVictim17 has logged in.

AnimusVictim17: lmao XD?
SexyItalian78: lol how did u get ur computer back?
AnimusVictim17: I fought shaun to the death and finally locked him out.
Codex_Lover;): ROFL!!! 11! !! XD
PrettyTheif21: so did u get to read his emails??
AnimusVictim17: no- how come Malik hasn't said anythign???
BlueEyedAssassin: I locked him in the basement lol
AnimusVictim17: lmao kadar u r so awesome.
BlueEyedAssassin: he had it coming. ;D
Jerusalem_Rafiq: Kadar u novice u left the back door open >:P
BlueEyedAssassin: WTF?!

10:02 PM- Jerusalem_Rafiq has logged out.
10:02 PM- BlueEyedAssassin has logged out.

AnimusVictim17: whut was that?
PrettyTheif21: I think Malik is trying to kill him.
Codex_Lover;): NOOOOOOOO!!! ;A;
SexyItalian78: lol I wouldn't be surprised.
AnimusVictim17: ikr?

Shoham and I were thinking about making this into a slideshow, ya know with avatars and stuff. Maybe i'll do it later...I'll probably use Doubleleaf's pictures for avatars.

CRACK!! :crazy: heh heh.


btw, link to video is here: [link]

If you liked the script, you'll love the slideshow. JUST TRUST ME AND GO WATCH IT.
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Animale_worshipper- u can call me Connor.
Sexyitalin78- ? Connor? What up with the weird username?
Animale_worshiper- I like animales.

Yes Connor must log on! Connor could be Animale worshipper or charleshater34 or indianboy1 or scratchy-life.
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